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The Box

Frequently Asked Questions

How is eroots different from other CSA's?
eroots is a social enterprise created by Women Organizing Resources, Knowledge & Services (WORKS) a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to growing healthier communities. The enterprise differs from traditional CSA’s in several ways.

  • Subscriptions support:
    • WORKS food access initiative, including organic cooking classes, gardening, and produce markets for families of modest means in affordable housing communities
    • Community Partners’ sustainability projects and programs
    • Jobs and job training for residents of affordable housing communities
    • Certified and non-certified organic sustainable California farms
  • Box contents are specially selected to offer greater variety on a weekly basis.
  • Subscriptions can be purchased for a weekly and biweekly pick up

How much does each produce box cost?
$25. Three dollars from each box stays with our School Community Partners and WORKS to support their programs.

What can I expect in my box?
The contents of your box will vary with the season. Depending upon availability and cost, you can expect 7 – 10 different types of fruits and vegetables. Quantities will range from 1 – 5 per item averaging 1 for larger items such as lettuces, large squash or greater quantities for smaller items such as apples or pears. All produce is certified organic or sustainably grown.

Will I get the same items each week?
Our box contents vary each week depending upon availability. Typically you will not receive the same item more than once in a four week period, unless it is a commonly eaten item that subscribers identify as a ‘favorite’: apples, carrots, pears, oranges, etc.

Where can I pick up my produce box?
Produce box subscriptions are available through our Community Partners. The community partner site, typically a school, provides a weekly pick up slot. Please check our Community Partner page for more information about the specific dates and times of pick ups for each community partner.

What if I cannot pick up my box before the pick up hours are over?
Each Community Partners sets their own policy for unclaimed produce boxes. Unclaimed boxes are usually donated.

Will I receive a reminder to pick up my produce box?
Yes. The day before you are scheduled to pick up your produce box, you will receive an email reminder to pick up your box.

What type of communication do you provide subscribers?
Subscribers will receive two primary types of communication from eroots:

  • an electronic invoice (usually on Mondays); and
  • an electronic email pick up reminder & newsletter

The electronic newsletter includes a list of that week’s box contents, sources of the produce, recipes, and a brief feature of a farm or other food access related topic.